A Traveling Carnival

On me: Striped dress, c/o eShakti (sold out). Metallic heeled orange sandals, TJ Maxx. 
On Patrick: Striped shirt, Target. Cut off shorts, Urban Outfitters. 

     A few weeks ago, Patrick and I finally found time to visit the traveling carnival that was set up in the parking lot of a local mall. I had to drive past the swirling lights and hear the pounding music for several nights until we could finally fork over our money in exchange for some quick thrills. Of course, half of the fun for me is the fact that the carnival rides probably aren't the safest thing. And I am fully aware that we were being completely ripped off; but, hey, that's how some people are making a living. 
     Our favorite ride was modeled after a giant magic carpet and swung us swiftly into the air about forty feet above the ground. No description can really do the craziness justice; but it was more fun than terrifying. I was happy to ride a few different thrill rides then end the night with a funnel cake followed quickly by walking over to the movie theatre and watching The Great Gatsby. Also, Patrick and I just happened to match the lights perfectly.