My Picks from H&M Online

     August is full of beautiful new beginnings. I start a new decade, a new year of school, and H&M finally launched their e-commerce site in the US. I must preface this by saying that my fascination with H&M comes not so much from their overwhelmingly inexpensive clothing, but rather because up until this summer, Tennessee didn't even have a store. There's now one open in the bargain mega-mall Opry Mills, but I don't even have to go as far as Nashville anymore. Starting today, I can shop the fast-fashion giant from my own computer. That's not to say I'll abuse the privilege; however, I do have my eye on the above items in particular. I also enjoyed doing some quick styling with Polyvore as you can see below. Will you be taking advantage of the advent of H&M online shopping in the US or will you still prefer to shop the store in person?


Pretty menswear