Over it All

Printed button up, Tommy Hilfiger. Overalls, ASOS. Bronze wolf ring, LAS Jewelry  Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. The Essential Element boot, Modcloth (sold out, similar here). Rounded sunglasses, Urban Outfitters. Necklace, American Eagle (old).

     Something that will always give me comfort is knowing how much control I have over what I wear. I realize what a luxury that is, to wake up every day and have the choice to decide what I look like for the day. No matter how rough I think things are going for me, this is a luxury that I'm glad to have. I take it for granted. But I don't want to let my perspective slip through the cracks. August is always a tough month and this particular August has been even harder; however, knowing that I can always put together a killer outfit is helping me keep my head above water. 
     Now that I have settled into my new apartment on campus, I'm waiting for the school year to start for things to get a bit more routine. As of now, cross country practice and work are taking over my free time; however, things always settle down a bit with the advent of classes. One thing that is very different from any other year is that one week from today is not only the start of my junior year of college, but also my twentieth birthday. It's easy to complain a bit to attempt to evoke sympathy from my peers, but the academic inside of me is secretly thrilled. The first day of school on my birthday? It's a great gift.