Chasing a Ghost

Dahlia UK dress, bought secondhand from Rebecca of The Clothes Horse. Spiked headband, local store in Savannah (similar here). Chelsea boots, TBA via Modcloth (similar here). Camden satchel, Madewell.

     I felt appropriately haunting on Friday the 13th. As soon as I woke up, I knew I wanted my all black ensemble to contrast heavily with my pale skin. Rather than feeling plagued by anything, I was in my element. A day that is dedicated to the spooky, other than Halloween, felt like a bonus. After all, my favorite Emoji on the iPhone is the little ghost that is sticking his tongue out
      While I would have loved to sit under a ladder and pet a black cat just to really get the full effect of the 13th, the day passed without superstition taking any tolls. I will admit to having a bit of bad luck when taking these pictures, but I was fortunate enough to get a helping hand from an old friend. Although Patrick and I broke up a few months ago, we have remained in good graces and taking pictures was such a big part of our relationship that it was nice to do it at least one more time for these shots.
     I'm digging myself out of being haunted by things that simply don't matter. Posting hasn't slowed down because of emotional distress, but rather because I have thrown myself into my role as leader on both the cross country team and the school newspaper. But I want anyone that reads this post to have hope. Hold your head high above those ghosts that are darkening your heart. If you need to, cry with this song from The Head and the Heart as your soundtrack. Hopefully after that, you can get up, dust off any cobwebs from your soul, and find something new to chase that only brings you joy.