The Harbor

Plaid blazer, Groovy's in Rockwall. Led Zeppelin tee shirt, vintage from my step dad. Jeans, imogene + willie Imogene slims. Vintage Cole Haan loafers, thrifted. Sunglasses, TJ Maxx.

     My favorite thing to do is to scamper along the rocks of a shoreline, any shoreline. Fortunately, where my parents live in Rockwall features quite an impressive manmade lake/resoirvoir and a shoreline to match. It makes for fantastic viewing of sunsets and even the Dallas skyline from 30 miles away. I feel like these pictures almost look like they were taken in the middle of nowhere, but nope. They were taken right down the road from my parents home, in front of the local movie theatre. I apologize for the copious amount of pictures here. I just really couldn't decide which ones best suited the purpose. The mood that day was so great, that it is impossible to say for me a favorite. I certainly hope you feel the same!