Second Glance


Striped puffer vest, Groovy's in Rockwall. Men's button down, secondhand from Plato's Closet (similar). Topshop Jamie skinny jeans. Cole Haan loafers (similar). Charming Charlie crossbody purse. Vintage scarf. NARS Audacious lipstick in Annabella.


     Just like there's a story behind every outfit I post, every photographic location sparks some memory for me. This little rustic barn is no exception.

      Every time I visit my boyfriend, I have to drive by this barn to get to his apartment. I always let my eyes linger on it a little bit longer than they should given the fact that I'm driving. But that's the photographer's curse: whenever I'm driving, I'm also scouting locations for pictures. I never really knew what to make of this barn. I actually thought it was for sale. I kept thinking that someone should snatch it up and turn it into a little event venue because it's actually in the middle of a residential area, not in some remote field. 

     As it turns out, the owners of the apartment complex next to it actually turned the barn into exactly what I was thinking: a little event venue. When I mentioned to my boyfriend that I wanted to take pictures in front of it, he not only knew exactly what I was talking about but also told me a bit more about it.

     It's a bit of a stretch, but there's a specific part of my outfit that required not even a second, but a third, fourth, hundredth glance from me as well. Mere exposure effect is all too powerful in the fashion world, but I never thought I would wear a puffer vest. To be fair, I started out with faux fur and loved to layer with those so much that I eventually accepted that the neo-prep staple was pretty useful. It's not usually cold enough for a full on winter coat and layered get up until January where I live, so tossing on a vest over a button down or sweater is perfect for some non-bulky added warmth.

     It just makes me think: what other trends should I give a second glance?