Twice as Nice

     It's the holiday season. Whether or not its the "reason for the season", many of us live in a world where some aspect of the past few months has been wrought with consumerism. I'm sure the noble among us have eschewed the Black Friday shopping or the endless amounts of holiday sales pitches in our inboxes. But if you're like me and on an endless quest to basically try every lipstick brand known to man, sometimes you get caught in the shuffle.

     That's why services like Twice can be a nice break from the "Buy! Buy! BUY!" mentality. I would say around a third of my wardrobe, including accessories, consists of secondhand clothing. I usually find exactly what I'm looking for, like the oxford I'm wearing in this post, without having to pay the retail mark up that we all know and hate. It's also nice to be able to find things that every other girl on campus won't be wearing (look at you, Target).

     There's a whole host of reasons that secondhand clothing is the way to go. You don't have to tell me twice (see what I did there) how much better it is for the environment. And if you're into the whole revolving wardrobe concept, then Twice is also great for selling your clothes. Just sign up and request a seller's bag. It ships for free. Then, you fill it up with your gently used clothes from brands they accept. You can even opt to have them donate the clothes they don't accept for you. Seriously, how nice are they?

     I often get the complaint that people don't know what they are doing when they're secondhand shopping or that they can't find looks they like the style of. Well, I actually based this outfit off of the stunning street style of Emma Stone. When I received my $100 credit to put together a few celebrity based looks, I ended up spending about half of it on the wool blazer that has doubled as a coat this season all so I could create a look inspired by this outfit:

     Although I didn't have any yellow shoes, I tried to create the rest of the look based on things I already had. I actually borrowed the v-neck from my friend Chris adding a whole other layer to the whole secondhand thing.

     There are some truly great basics just like my blazer over on Twice. And they just recently added shoes! I highly suggest taking some time during the holidays to peruse their offerings and be sure to use this link to sign up and get fifty percent off of your first order.