Cats and Carnations

Overalls, ASOS. Maxi cardigan, Forever 21. Scarf, vintage. Camden satchel, Madewell. D'orsay flats, Chinese Laundry. Lipcolor, Aveda Nourishment in Cherrybud.
    I've got a lot of love for the little things. I know that most people say that. By no means do I think that this is an original thought. In fact, my favorite movie explores pretty much this same line of thought (Stranger than Fiction, in case you were wondering).
     However, the particular things that came together to make this post were all just small wonders. My favorite vintage scarf, my favorite flower from my valentine, the comfort of overalls, a buttery leather purse, and of course, the two cats that live at Crawford House on Maryville College campus both happened to stop by and visit when I was taking pictures. If you look closely, you can tell that the cats, while in almost the exact same place in the pictures, are different despite looking quite similar (they are brothers, after all).
    My hands were freezing by the time I was done taking these pictures, but I wasn't bothered too much by that. Even if it was just for the twenty minutes or so that I was posing in front of the lens, the world just felt at peace. Sometimes, it's the little things that will do that.