Sézane Spring 2014

     While I've liked Sézane on Facebook for quite some time (they definitely hit the right target demographic with me), it wasn't until I saw previews of the most recent line that I decided to officially sign up for the website. Because the French brand (designed by Les Composantes founder Morgane Sézalory) is well, French, I couldn't entirely read the posts anyways. Apparently I took two semesters of college French for naught, but I digress.
     I eagerly anticipated the arrival of 3/30 because that was the date for this line to launch. I knew with my end of the month budget being all too realistic for a college student that I wouldn't likely be making a purchase, but I'm still swooning over the styling and product photography for the pieces. My absolute favorite is the Ulysses in black and leopard. In fact, this particular pair of shoes was what caught my eye and convinced me to both sign up for the Sézane email list as well as following on Instagram. If you need a bit of aesthetic treat for you day, I highly suggest you do the same.