Tradlands: Volume 3

     I'm not sure where I first heard about made-in-the-USA shirt company Tradlands, to be honest. However, I do remember how quick my relationship with founders Sadie and Jeremy was fostered. It was as simple as an exchange of a few emails and I was lucky enough to style and review some samples they sent me. It is still to this day one of my favorite brands that I've worked with, so naturally I am always thrilled to see what they come up with next.
    The volume three lookbook and collection, which launched today along with a new website, was just the jolt of summery, tomboy aesthetic I need to daydream away my last few weeks of classes. While the standout of the collection was without a doubt the Farallon Islands shirt, considering its remarkably quick sell-out, I happen to have a favorite vintage, fish-adorned button up with a similar aesthetic. Instead, I'd like to add the Vacationland to my wardrobe as a perfect summer plaid. But considering how quickly their beautiful shirts tend to sell out in my size, I better jump on it!