Vagabond: A Roaming Boutique

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     Sometimes, something so cool comes along in Knoxville that I fall in love with where I live all over again. Not saying that I don't want to get out there and explore, but my roaming heart still loves the city I grew up near. The explorer mentality fits in perfectly with my most recent find, the Vagabond truck. Vagabond is a roaming boutique founded by the lovely Alisha Schuett whom I had the pleasure of meeting while at the Rhythm N Blooms festival.
     Everything from the branding to the collection of items available just felt right. I immediately clicked with the aesthetic because of the bright Tiffany blue of the truck and the typography used (yes, I'm a type nerd). Then I saw the merchandise and well, the rest is history. Emma and I spent quite some time searching for the racks and taking pictures. While I was in love with the white dress pictured above, I ended up going for the vintage lace top I'm wearing in the pictures. Alisha was even able to tell me the exact origin of the piece: it was custom made for a woman in Ohio and I think it's too cool that I get to continue the story.
     You can say that I'm just a little bit excited to welcome Vagabond to Knoxville and surrounding areas. Be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with the whereabouts or even book your own shopping party! And keep your eyes peeled because I'm sure this vagabond will be pairing up with that Vagabond very soon.