Personal Uniform

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Moto Zip Crop Jacket, Nasty Gal. Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-shirt, American Apparel. MOTO Girlfriend Jeans, Topshop. Monogram ring, c/o Onecklace. Chinese Laundry d'orsay flats, TJ Maxx (available here). Mid knuckle band ring set, Kristin Perry. Vintage wallet. Ray-ban sunglasses.

      The idea of a uniform is to take away personal elements and create a wardrobe for a group of people that is well, uniform. But if we could all choose our own uniforms, it would definitely say something about our personality. While I might change up the extras to suit my mood, a white tee shirt is a strong contender for something I could be wearing every day. Another favorite is a blue oxford shirt with black skinny jeans.
     I added a few elements to my outfit to make it a little less Hank Hill and a little bit more model off duty. But honestly though, my d'orsay flats and motorcycle jacket could probably be glued to my body and I wouldn't complain about having to form an outfit around them every day. One thing that I notice because of outfit posts is just how many outfits I wear that don't get documented. Often, I wear things even more often than they are shown on the blog and this outfit is no exception.
     Fully expanding on the idea of personalization, I was happy to incorporate my monogrammed ring from Onecklace. While monogram necklaces or bracelets don't necessarily fit my style, I know that they are quite trendy at the moment. There are plenty of options for personal monograms on the site. I've always wanted a signet or monogram ring, and I think the option I chose is a bit edgier than the more feminine monograms. I love that the ring is custom made because I happen to have itty bitty fingers and the size 5 fits my index finger perfectly. And if you'd like to add a bit of personalization to your look, you're in luck! You can take 10% off all orders with the code "triplethread" and get your own monogram jewelry.
    While I'll always argue that a white tee shirt and jeans is a great basic look that anyone can make their own, I would love to hear: what's your version of a personal uniform?