Chop Chop

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Flowy cross back shirt, American Eagle. Lace bralette, aerie. BDG Twig High-Rise jean in black, Urban Outfitters. Snakeskin clutch, Groovy's in Rockwall. Chinese Laundry "Easy Does It" flats. Kristin Perry Midi Knuckle Band ring set in silver.

     I'm not sure how many inches I got cut off.  But, after arming myself with adrenaline after sending a particularly emotional text right before my appointment, I did it. Thirty minutes after I entered the salon, my long curls already swept up from around the chair, I looked in the mirror and knew I'd done the right thing. My stomach didn't clench the way it usually does with change. And it still hasn't.
     You can ask anyone who knows me well: I can't ever make up my mind. I'll make a decision and then immediately think "Was that the right thing?", sure that I will be eating my words in a week or even an hour. This has lead to countless roller coaster relationships, backtracking of plans, and occasionally even tear soaked pillows. But when it comes to my appearance? I do what I want and rarely do I look back. I haven't regretted my tattoo for even a minute. Rarely do I return purchases. When I know what I want, I know. 
     However, with hair it has always taken me months of deliberation. That leads me to the idea of just how important hair is to women. Our hair is a natural extension of our self expression. When people in high school showed some preference to my straightened hair, at first I listened. This resulted in countless pictures of my as a 14-15 year old with unnaturally straight hair, never quite feeling myself. It wasn't until junior or senior year that I resolutely vowed to give up on that notion. My curly hair is such a representation of my character, even chopped to a long bob. 
     I don't know why hair holds such importance. I don't know why a friend-of-a-friend felt the need to remark that "No, girls need long hair. Short hair just doesn't look good." But I do know that I felt the beast in my belly claw its way out in order for me to remark "Yeah, I'm sure they all care what you think and did it just to please you." The best part about calling people out with attitudes like that is rarely do they expect it. He had no comeback. I guess he wasn't used to such opposing viewpoints coming from a petite, feminine package, but then again he doesn't know me too well.
     Getting my long locks cut off literally takes away about two years of history off of my head. I would never want to erase the past that got me here, but a new start feels perfect right now. And with a lot less hair to tame in the mornings, I can get going in that direction even faster.