Knoxville Streets, Italian Leather

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The Ashburn, Tomboy Style x Tradlands. Vintage Levi's. Vintage scarf. Latika sandals, Target. Teramo Cross Body bag, c/o Patricia Nash (exact bag here).

     As much as I would like it to be true, I'm not in some quaint European side street in the above pictures. Not only are the little condos just perfect, but it could also be my accessories duping you at first glance. I'll never really know what country my scarf came from, but one thing is for sure: my lovely new satchel is Italian leather. But you know what's even cooler than that? The designer, Patricia Nash, is based right here in good ole Knoxville.
     I had the pleasure of visiting the Patricia Nash showroom (pictures to come!) and meeting some of the team members, including the designer's daughter herself. We talked forever about everything that makes me come alive: Knoxville, design, blogging, social media, writing successes and mistakes, and of course, handbags. 
     The fact that such a killer brand is based right here in my backyard gives me such optimism about this little city's style direction, but it is a fact that not too many people know. Sure, anyone can have a handbag designed in New York. But the fact that I got to go to a street that I love and smell the leather, see the stockroom, and handpick this little beauty? Well, that's something I won't soon forget.
     The inspiration for the brand (vintage finds, traveling, and Nash's own mother's collection) speaks to me more than a lot of contemporary designer brands. I know exactly what it feels like to treasure a handbag from my own mother and these bags? Well, they're designed so that I'll be able to give one of my own to my daughter some day. Although, I have to say, given how completely in love with the Teramo I am, she might have to steal it from me before I let it go willingly.