The Process of Style

     Often, the point of style is to make it look like you expend little effort in getting ready. The model off duty, casual vibe has permeated street style and magazines alike, but even with seemingly thrown together outfits, there's one thing that stylish people don't often talk about: style takes time.

     Even if you do just "throw something on", the most stylish people often spend hours gathering inspiration, figuring out what they like, and yes, going shopping. One of the most difficult process in fashion is figuring out what your style is. Most of today's icons don't necessarily have a one track style, but rather a look that defies most categorization. Us everyday folk are much the same, but spending a bit of time leafing through magazines or putting together outfits in front of the mirror can help us to figure out a few basic guidelines.

     While I could go on about the idea of refining and defining style all day, the reason I am on this tangent is because I know exactly how long it took me to put this outfit together. Normally, I pick out one piece that I want to wear that day and work an outfit around it. I'm not really sure where my mind was when I was deciding on this look because although everything I'm wearing is something I enjoy, it took me forever to get the combination just to my liking.

     No matter how long it took though, I felt perfectly at ease once I had the outfit on. It just goes to show, sometimes a little effort is worth it.