Little Upgrades

     I tend to go for extremes in my style. Either I'm wearing a white shirt and black bottoms (all the time) or a full length, floral dress. I admire those who can adopt such a cohesive personal look, but I will simply never be that person. There are too many influences that I admire to dedicate myself to one direction, so my aesthetic is certainly an amalgam.

     However, I have found that I usually like to stick to fairly basic shapes and styles when it comes to my clothing. Rather than spend a lot of money changing up my look, I tend to go for accessories that will change the vibe of my outfit. A white shirt and jeans with Nike Frees? Minimal and street style inspired. But with a pair of wooden clogs? Total 70s babe.

     With the accessories I picked up along the way, I turned this outfit from minimal chic to a more urban preppy feel that I can totally get behind. The bracelets I'm wearing together struck me as such a good combo that I was pretty bummed when I thought I had lost one while shopping later in the week. Fortunately, it had just fallen in my purse and the pair can still be BFFs.